Managing Fear and Anxiety Tip - Responding to Patient Fear

Stephen Bair
7 months agoMarch 23, 2020
Great idea
Antonietta Di Sisto-Schiesser
7 months agoMarch 23, 2020
Wonderful tool that can be used universal. Thank you!
Stephen Bair
7 months agoMarch 23, 2020
Great message
John Hanna
7 months agoMarch 28, 2020
Strong emotions are like traffic lights.  They deserve your attention and an appropriate immediate response.  The right response leads to safe trip and the wrong response does not.  Is your response taking you forward safely and effectively. " I am late and I need to red this red light!" "I am late and need to make sure that I drive safely so that nothing slows me down further"
6 months agoApril 20, 2020
fear and anxiety is an important subject especially around covid 19 right now and a lot of people don't know what to do right now
6 months agoApril 23, 2020
This is a great message!
6 months agoApril 28, 2020
Great tool to use with any patient concerns.
Brittney S
6 months agoApril 30, 2020
Great tips on how to identify and respond to patient fear.
11 days agoOctober 14, 2020
the mind is the most powerful organ in the body, a fear that is so powerful can be a huge cause of anxiety and in turn can trigger other mental disorders which can be permanent.
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