Managing Fear and Anxiety - Finding Fear

over 1 year agoMarch 20, 2020
Tip to manage fear and anxiety -  Letting people no you are in this together and that they are not alone.
Antonietta Di Sisto-Schiesser
over 1 year agoMarch 23, 2020
Love the emotional intelligent component.  This is a very important key component in care!
April Beresford
over 1 year agoApril 1, 2020
Great segway into a visit.  Thank you for sharing!
over 1 year agoApril 20, 2020
nice video the best components is emotion and intelligent for patient care
over 1 year agoApril 23, 2020
Asking the patient what their concerns or worries are will help to determine what the underlying anxiety might be and help the patient to calm their anxiety.
over 1 year agoApril 28, 2020
Useful tip! Empathy is an important component of this.
over 1 year agoApril 28, 2020
A great way to find exactly what the patient is anxious about. Thank you
10 months agoDecember 7, 2020
These are excellent set of videos and I am so grateful.  I hope that there will be more in the future and thank you for keeping them simple and short.  I just wish that I can successfully turn these ideas into everyday habits at work.
Dr. Joe
10 months agoDecember 10, 2020
very useful tip
makes sense...
10 months agoDecember 18, 2020

HInd Elhassan
10 months agoDecember 19, 2020
Good tips and ideas ! Thank you
Ella Jah
10 months agoDecember 30, 2020
In the process of giving the patient the option to write their fears. I will suggest the provider leave the room so the patient will reflect and write what her fears are.
Wonderful ideas!
10 months agoDecember 30, 2020

Srutha Rajkumar
10 months agoDecember 30, 2020
Great suggestions and ideas!
Andrew Swietlik
10 months agoDecember 30, 2020
Great tips on allowing patient expressions of anxiety.
Raul Garcia
10 months agoDecember 31, 2020
10 months agoJanuary 1, 2021
9 months agoJanuary 14, 2021
useful tip
9 months agoJanuary 16, 2021
So much of our focus in patient care is making the correct diagnosis and treatment plan.  But empathy and concern for the patient is truly important.
9 months agoJanuary 23, 2021
Appreciate your recommendation on how to start the visit
9 months agoJanuary 26, 2021
Very useful
9 months agoJanuary 26, 2021
Robert Horth, MD
7 months agoMarch 22, 2021
Thank you.
Robert Horth, MD
7 months agoMarch 23, 2021
Thank you.
28 days agoSeptember 19, 2021
This is a nice way of introducing Function 2 in Cole’s 3 function model of medical communication.  Co-constructing the history is all about identifying the patient’s concerns effectively and in s context of empathetic connection.  Thanks for this!
6 days agoOctober 11, 2021
nice video
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