Managing Fear and Anxiety - Finding Fear

2 months agoMarch 20, 2020
Tip to manage fear and anxiety -  Letting people no you are in this together and that they are not alone.
Antonietta Di Sisto-Schiesser
2 months agoMarch 23, 2020
Love the emotional intelligent component.  This is a very important key component in care!
April Beresford
2 months agoApril 1, 2020
Great segway into a visit.  Thank you for sharing!
about 1 month agoApril 20, 2020
nice video the best components is emotion and intelligent for patient care
about 1 month agoApril 23, 2020
Asking the patient what their concerns or worries are will help to determine what the underlying anxiety might be and help the patient to calm their anxiety.
about 1 month agoApril 28, 2020
Useful tip! Empathy is an important component of this.
about 1 month agoApril 28, 2020
A great way to find exactly what the patient is anxious about. Thank you
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